Digital systems and authentication of Mediterranean food

Nowadaysfood authentication, its origin and its ingredients is one of the most discussed problems in the food industry at the European and world level. For this reason, the MEDIFIT project enables the traceability and control of the correctness of honey and cheese, two traditional Mediterranean foods, using the latest generation of analytical and software technologies.

To participate in this discussion, European Comission enabled the launch of the project MEDIPHITEwhich resolves this conflict in two traditional Mediterranean products, specifically honey and cheese products, using the latest analytical and software technologies.

Research staff from Germany, Greece, Turkey, Malta and Tunisia, as well as Spain, participate in MEDIFIT. Among them, a research group from the University of Córdoba coordinated by Professor Fernando Pérez Rodríguez, which is responsible for the development of a computer system that allows the sharing of information related to authenticity, food safety and traceability these two products.

Food authentication challenges

One of the challenges of this project is the achievement of certain standards, that is, a common language between different members and methodologies accreditation of authenticity. Likewise, analytical methods will be optimized to be introduced in the food industry, favoring the processes of obtaining information on the authenticity and safety of food.

Both parts of the project are integrated, leading to a flexible software structure that enables the transfer of food information to the end user using the concept of the Internet of Things. In addition, it offers software solutions for food sector through Industry 4.0 technologies that include the routine use of innovative analytical methods to control the traceability and integrity of food.

Fernando Pérez Rodríguez, project coordinator at UCO, explains that it is an action-innovation system, since the goal is to demonstrate already developed technology, but at a more applied level. “The ultimate goal is to be able to use it and verify its validity, always focused on these two food chainshoney and cheese”, he concludes.

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