Digitization in food safety

Food safety has become more important after the pandemic period. This, along with acceleration digitization lately, which has led many companies in the sector to take another step in optimizing their processes.

Digitization of food safety is a process that implies organizational changes in work practices and involves the interests of the most diverse company departments, from procurement to production and marketing.

Digital technologies are a tool for food manufacturers to bridge the gap between reality and perception. Have complete control over inventory, precision over processes and a solid basis for decision-making.

Contrary to what many people think, digitization goes far beyond e-commerce. Both global food production and services have moved beyond traditional processing time to activate the concept of intelligence.

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Digital technologies are a tool for food manufacturers to bridge the gap between reality and perception.

They encourage the digitization of Mexican companies

With the aim of supporting and encouraging the digitization of Mexican companies, the TOTVS company announces the TOTVS México que HACE award. Which will recognize companies that want to improve their digital transformation processes through the implementation of an ERP management system.

Two different categories were created for this:

  • Category ERP and digital transformation projects. It seeks to reward companies that demonstrate the need to implement an ERP project in order to stimulate the growth of their business plan.

Within all selected and approved projects, a corresponding drawing will be held for the free implementation of the winning technology project in their company.

  • Success stories with TOTVS systems. It is exclusive to clients who will recognize successful cases of technological and digitization projects that have revolutionized processes in company systems.

The goal is to show how technology is capable of dealing with challenges in the most diverse business areas of companies. In this category, the evaluation criteria will be used: digitization, innovation, operational scale-up, financial performance and ESG (social, environmental and corporate impact).

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