Domino’s Pizza offers a sensory experience

Dough with butter flavor.

Domino’s Pizza introduced its new Pizza Deli, based on a lightly buttery dough that can be combined with consumers’ favorite ingredients, highlighting its flavor with Pepperoni and mostly Hawaiian.

According to Alfonso Tinoco, Marketing Director of Domino’s Pizza, this launch is “a new reason to enjoy great moments with family and friends. “Pizza Deli is a unique and innovative product that surprises from the moment you open the box because it offers a great sensory experience, which enhances the smell and light taste of butter that can be combined with your favorite ingredients.”

It also arrives in a different packaging, “the box is black because we want to give it an avant-garde presentation as well as its contents, and the design details allow us to highlight the differences between Pizza Deli and our range,” the manager pointed out.

This is the second product launch this year for Domino’s Pizza and will be available for a limited time. You will be able to add your favorite ingredients to the 584 stores it has in 32 states of the Mexican Republic. Pizza Deli is priced at $149 pesos for a family

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