Dow and Outsourcing Solutions SRL confirmed the production and commercialization of PacXpert

PacXpertTM is a flexible packaging that meets market requirements. His innovation combines sustainability and functional design.

Dow has signed an agreement with Outsourcing Solutions SRL to manufacture and market PacXpert™ in Argentina. Outsourcing Solutions SRL is a leading company in the production of laminated and preformed flexible packaging for the food, home, hygiene and personal care markets.

PacXpert™ is an innovative technology that makes it possible to replace traditional large rigid containers with lighter flexible packaging. Its lightweight, flexible design is an alternative to traditional rigid packaging.

“The agreement with Outsourcing Solutions SRL demonstrates Dow’s commitment to the entire value chain, enabling greater product innovation and better options for its customers,” said Leonardo Feltrinelli – Sales Director for the Packaging & Specialty business. Plastics for the southern region of Latin America.

“PacXpert™ is expected to be used for a variety of purposes, its advantages are useful for a wide range of applications such as food, paints, lubricants, agrochemicals and more. We are sure that this alliance will be successful”, emphasizes Charly Eid – Marketing Director for Dow’s Latin American packaging and food business.

From a rigid container to a flexible container with a functional design. PacXpert™ is an innovative technology that makes it possible to replace large traditional rigid containers with flexible packaging that, like rigid packaging, is stable when filled with liquids or solids. Its cube shape makes it stable and upright, both standing and standing sideways. It also provides instant point-of-sale appeal, as the pack remains stationary on shelves and has four printable sides that increase advertising and information options on labels or maintain transparency in case you want to see the contents of the container. .

The packaging has multiple sustainability benefits: it reduces wastage of contents, allowing consumers to achieve greater use of the product and requires fewer raw materials during the manufacturing process, compared to other rigid packaging alternatives. PacXpertTM empty packages can be transported flattened, which increases the efficiency of transport and storage and enables the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Present on all continents, and now also in Argentina, PacXpert™ has successfully positioned itself among brand owners and converters looking for innovation and differentiation. “The world’s leading brands have proven the benefits of PacXpert™ and are working together with Dow to identify new technologies that will allow us to redefine the scenario of sustainable packaging worldwide together,” concludes Leonardo Feltrinelli.

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