Drinks: develop well-being and provide sensory experiences

He beverage sector is constantly developing and innovating. As a result of Covid-19 and the impact it has had on consumer habits, there is a visible shift towards what is called ‘in-experiences’“. Responding to consumers looking to recreate the out-of-home experiences they would normally find at a local bar or coffee shop.

When shopping during the coronavirus pandemic, consumers are looking for beverages that not only offer hydration, but also other additional benefits, whether it’s mood-enhancing, energizing, or immune-boosting.

In this sense, innovation occurs within the functional drinking space. New products use an increasingly diverse range of natural ingredients designed to offer the consumer these functional benefits.

Although these types of drinks are not new to the market, they have been on the sidelines, usually only available in specialty health food stores. However, there is a shift towards more of these drinks becoming mainstream, reaching supermarkets and taking up shelf space.

Healthy drinks

The “better drinks for you” trend (BFY, which is an acronym in English) was framed by the decision to abandon sugar-sweetened sodas. In the United States, 52% of consumers who cut back on carbonated soft drinks did so in favor of healthier options, such as 100% natural juices and flavored waters.

According to Market intelligence agency Mintel70% of American adults who use sugar express concern about their use of sweeteners and their impact on their overall health.

On the other hand, vegetable drinks, due to the origin of their main ingredients (oats, quinoa, rice, etc.), are associated with healthy, natural, organic and bio foods, enriched with fiber, calcium, vitamins or other micronutrients. or without added sugar.

As a result of the increase in the consumption of this type of drink, the sector is in a constant process of innovation to adapt to the needs of the market, with a certain added value and framed by the formula: Fresh + Clean = healthy, making clean ingredients the standard for many brands.

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Development of the sector by category

  • bottled water. They are growing at a constant pace, which has allowed us to add new innovations, in terms of flavors, sizes and the use of other products such as stevia or Reb-A, a natural sweetener.
  • Alcoholic beverages. In this sector you can see that traditional never goes out of style. Artisanal products are still in high demand, especially because they allow you to experiment with more complex textures and unique combinations, as well as adding a touch of a very specific and local flavor.
  • Exotic coffee and tea. Mixing coffee with other functional products is becoming a trend, mainly in products with additional properties and ingredients that are beneficial for the health and well-being of consumers.

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