Duas Rodas recognized for his valuable ideas

Duas Rodas is again ranked 2nd in the food, beverage and ingredients sector in the country, in the Prêmio Valor Inovação Brasil 2018. Duas Rodas has been recognized as one of the most innovative companies in Brazil, in the Prêmio Valor Inovação Brazil 2018 for the third consecutive year. This year, Duas Rodas is in the 2nd position among the most innovative companies in the field of food, beverages and ingredients in the country. The award, which is being issued for the fourth time, is an initiative of the newspaper Valor Econômico in collaboration with the global consulting company Strategy& (PWC), which recognizes companies that excel in the development of research and technologies.

The selection of companies starts with a study that includes companies from 21 different sectors and deals with investments in innovation and creation of new products, with an analysis of best practices and other indicators such as solutions and strategies. This analysis generates the Anuário Inovação Brasil, which brings the 150 most innovative companies in the country. In the overall ranking, Duas Rodas is among the 50 most innovative, with 48th place.

In this sense, the president Leonardo Fausto Zipf states: “Innovation is the most consistent way to provide sustainability to the company. We bet on alliances, collaborative innovation and multidisciplinary creation, in order to improve our methods and innovate with solutions that are more and more efficient and integrated to the needs of the market “.

The company’s director of innovation and technology, Antonio Carlos Figueiredo Gonçalves, emphasizes that the human being is a big difference in the innovation process. “Everyone is constantly encouraged to develop new ways of thinking and acting, in search of improving processes, products, production technologies and information.”

The collaborative innovation process and the creation of products with greater added value are the essence of innovation projects for the market. To this end, Duas Rodas structures the development of new products, through the involvement of consumers, collaborators, clients, allies, suppliers and universities, using market intelligence, big data and analysis tools.

“We dedicate resources to promote innovation with our clients, through assessment of the needs of market sectors, joint generation of ideas, creation of solutions, evaluation of prototypes and adaptation of the final product,” adds Leonardo.

With a focus on this development of projects in a co-creation system, “Planta” (www.planta.vc), an open innovation platform promoted by Duas Rodas, was born, acting as a bridge between consumer desires and the food industry. and drinks. It is a tool where anyone can give an idea about a new product, in addition to participating in challenges proposed by companies in the sector. All proposals are analyzed by an internal or external committee, as the case may be, which directs the most viable ones into development, followed by factory testing and scalability identification.

In strategic planning, the Brazilian multinational has a detailed technological plan of the innovation area until 2020. In the last three years, Duas Rodas has presented more than 960 new items in the portfolio, which represents 15% of the company’s turnover.

Among the new projects for 2018 is the implementation of the Center for Innovation and Technology, in the São Bernardo do Campo unit (SP – Brazil). The space will be officially opened at the end of this month of July, with the aim of strengthening the existing structure of the multinational, focused on innovation, research, development and application of products from different areas of the company’s operations.

Duas Rodas has a multidisciplinary team of more than 200 researchers, with the most diverse technical experiences needed, working on the development of technological solutions in the Innovation Center and in 7 other research and development laboratories, in the company’s units in Latin America.

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