DuPont Bonding Resin Selection Tool Announced

This DuPont product is used for resin selection and allows you to identify a short list of recommended resin grades for packaging processes. Aiming to meet the market needs of how to select the best adhesive for packaging, Dupont launches the DuPont Tie Resin Selector, a resin selection tool that allows the user to identify between two bondable materials, a short list of recommended resin grades grouped by type of extrusion process.

The selection includes links to recommended rating data sheets, relevant literature, and a customer service contact for inquiries and sample orders. This database covers more than 40 adhesive grades plus DuPont Bynel co-extrudable with various grades of DuPont Elvax copolymers and DuPont Nucrel acid copolymers.

The DuPont Tie Resin Selector is the latest addition to the suite of tools DuPont uses with its customers to optimize packaging processes and structures. Two of these tools are available online; Another tool is DuPont SAVE, an instrument for calculating the total cost of packaging using alternative sealants.

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