DuPont celebrates 210 years of existence in the world

The company is present in more than 90 countries, and focuses its efforts on innovations in the fields of energy, protection and nutrition. 2012 is the year of jubilee. In the month of July, DuPont celebrates 210 years of experience in the world and 75 years of growth in Argentina, a long journey that marked the development of humanity with great inventions and innovations and continues to do so today in very different markets such as agriculture, food, security and protection , construction, automotive, electronics, communications among others.

It all started with the projects and dreams of the French immigrant Eleuthère Irénée du Pont, who founded the company in Wilmington, Delaware, United States of America. Using its knowledge and strong interest in scientific research, EI has continuously increased the quality of its products and production processes. In 1802, DuPont had 40 employees, 1 operating center located in the United States, and produced only one product that served 12 customers in that country. Today, the company has 70,000 employees worldwide, 210 factories, 34,000 patents and more than 8,500 scientists and engineers working in research centers.

In Argentina, the story began in 1937 with the setting up of the first rayon spinning factory in Berazategui. This was only the first phase of a series of new constructions that changed the appearance of the important area of ​​Berazategui. Today, the company produces high-performance polymers at the said property, raw materials for the needs of the automotive, electrical, electronic and agricultural industries, among others; It also has a plant for the production of industrial enzymes in Arroyito Córdoba, a Pioneer Seed plant in Salto, an Experimental Center for the same business in Pergamino, administrative offices for agribusiness in Rosario and its headquarters in Buenos Aires.

Today, DuPont continues to focus its development on solving the main challenges of a growing world. Producing healthy food, protecting people and the environment and reducing dependence on fossil fuels comprise the focus on which DuPont directs the application of its innovations, working in collaboration with customers, companies, organizations, governments, academics and institutions to join efforts and expand the impact on social development.

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