DYC Whisky, limited edition in sustainable packaging

Brand Segovian DYK Double oak is a limited edition in sustainable packaging. Contributes to the care of the environment through the reforestation of 1000 oak trees throughout Spain. The goal is to achieve air purification with the emission of more than 100 million liters of oxygen.

Around 12,000 bottles of DYC 12, DYC 15 and DYC Doble Roble, whose design was inspired by the barrel, were presented in sustainable and sensory packaging con recycled wooden corkmade from oak barrels that contained DYC.

Thanks to this bottle, DYC will reforest nearly 1,000 oak trees across Spain, representing an oxygen emission of more than 100 million liters. Each planted tree, when it grows up, will emit the oxygen that humans need daily to breathe.

DYC aims to bring sustainability even closer to the consumer and make the experience more interactive and dynamic. This is why it is the first brand of alcoholic beverages in Spain to develop an innovative system augmented reality on the bottle label, without the need to register. In order to have this new experience, the user must enter the website www.dyc.es, access the mobile camera, place a bottle of DYC Double Oak in front of it and indulge in the beautiful oak forest that appears before you. In addition, you will also be able to access exclusive information that will appear when you point to some elements of the bottle, such as the label or the recycled cap.

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What’s new in sustainable alcoholic beverage packaging?

Johnnie Walker in a paper bottle

Diageo announced the launch this year bottle of Johnnie Walker “100% plastic-free” starting in 2021. In this way, the renowned beverage manufacturer is taking a step towards sustainable packaging.

The new bottle is made of paper-based materials, it is made entirely of sustainable wood, it can be recycled forks compatible with all types of liquids. Packaging is one of the first products he developed Pulpex Limiteda company started by the alcoholic beverage producer together with the investment company Pilot Lite, whose task is to develop sustainable packaging technology.

Sustainable packaging for alcoholic beverages

British company of sustainable packaging Frugalpac he presented “Frugal Bottle”, an innovative bottle made of 94% recycled cardboard, five times lighter than glass, easy to recycle and with a carbon footprint up to six times smaller than glass. It has a lining for food containing wine or alcoholic beverages. It can be cooled and keeps the liquid colder for longer.

It weighs only 83 grams and uses up to 77% less plastic, only 15g compared to a 64g bottle made from 100% recycled plastic. Since it is made from recycled cardboard, it allows for 360-degree branding throughout the entire bottle, so it stands out on the shelf.

Bacardi, 100% biodegradable

A well-known brand Bacardi plans to launch the most sustainable bottle of alcohol in the world in 2023. The new 100% biodegradable bottle will replace 80 million plastic bottles (3,000 tons of this material) which Bacardi currently produces each year. It will complement its well-known glass bottles to cater to its broad portfolio of brands.

This progress is possible thanks to close cooperation with Danimer Scientific, developer and manufacturer of biodegradable products. The petroleum-based plastic used by Bacardi today will be replaced by Danimer Scientific’s Nodax PHA, a biopolymer derived from the natural seed oils of plants such as palm, canola and soy.

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While a normal plastic bottle takes more than 400 years to decompose, the new bottle will biodegrade in a wide range of environments, including compost, soil, fresh and salt water. After 18 months, it will disappear without leaving behind harmful microplastics. Bacardi rum will be the first alcoholic drink to be distributed in the new bottle.

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