E-commerce is positioned as one of the main sales channels in El Buen Fino

Good neighborhood emerged as a strategy promoted by the federal government and the private sector with the purpose of increasing economic activity so that the consumer has access to products and services at lower prices using e-commerce and physical format as the main sales channels.

  • According to the figures from Mexican Internet Sales Association (AMVO) In 2021, 191,900 million pesos were generated, of which 16.5% were online sales, or 31,731 million pesos, with an average ticket of 914.00 pesos.

91% of users declare that they have used it digital sources to decide on a purchase, highlighting websites of multi-category stores, websites or apps of stores or brands, and social networks as the main sources of information that influenced the purchase decision.

Likewise, AMVO reported 4 out of 10 customers bought products and services online during the campaign, to save time and travel to the physical store, which is the main reason for purchasing through online channels, followed by 37% of those who declare that they find more deals and discounts online.

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The power of e-commerce during El Buen Fino

Víctor Belaunde, Head of Ecosystem Operations, recommended three essential points for e-commerce to meet consumer needs, since El Buen Fin is the season where traffic and sales volume increase.

  • Perform load and stress performance testsThat is, testing servers or applications for unusual sales situations, such as an increase in the number of visits and commercial transactions.
    To do this, testing experts run tests that simulate an exponential increase in sales to know how each part of the system reacts and when a collapse occurs.

  • Examination of the infrastructure. In the previous point, the software was tested, but it is also necessary to know the infrastructure of the company and its level of scalability in order to establish actions in accordance with the evolution of the company.
    Gradually develop the system according to the needs of the company.
  • Have customer experience solutions. It is about satisfying the customer’s needs at the level of excellence, immediately through any communication channel and with qualified personnel to provide technical assistance when using the product or service.

A large number of consumers are expected to shop online during this auspicious weekend; It is therefore crucial that businesses prepare their entire technological infrastructure to take advantage of the event and increase their sales by offering quality service,” Belaunde concluded.

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