Ecobolsas, an ecological alternative to polyethylene bags

Ecobolsas, the new reusable bags, 100% recyclable and economical, arrive in Argentina. Each Ecobolsas replaces, due to its capacity of 10 kg, 4 polyethylene bags, has a lifetime equal to 600 plastic bags during its entire use (approximately 2 years) and is easy to customize in terms of model, color and size.

“Ecobags are a solution to replace polyethylene bags. From production to disposal, polyethylene bags have a great impact on the environment. In addition, it should be taken into account that even these bags need about 200 years to biodegrade into small toxic particles, creating a major disturbance in the ecosystem . On the other hand, they are usually thrown into landfills because it is very expensive to recycle them,” commented Mr. Gabriel Vázquez, director of Ecobolsas.

Ecobags come in different models and can be obtained and distributed by companies throughout the country, with personalized designs.

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