EcoFlora has created a natural blue color

Ideal for beverages and cosmetics, already pending FDA approval.

EcoFlora has created a naturally developed, stable acid that colors food blue, ideal for beverages and cosmetics, based on a sustainable strategy to differentiate itself from other colors on the market. The company plans to have the product commercially available in the United States in 2010.

The dye is extracted from a Colombian fruit called jagua, which is grown in the El Chocó jungle, where the company is already working to promote sustainable development for the disposal of the fruit.

EcoFlora pointed out that the color can be applied to virtually any product in the industry, and in that sense, the FDA indicated that it applied last October to add the color as a permitted additive in food and cosmetics, and that the process could take two years. , but which he hopes will be resolved next year.

Although the company is focusing its strategy on the United States, they hope that once the FDA secures certification, it will be easier to enter the European market. Although he specified that jagua, being a colored derivative, is exempt from certification, but is still subject to the authorization process, as it has gone through the extraction process.

Another company developing another natural blue dye is Wild Flavors, which is derived from a fruit blend that has not yet been discovered, as it is a patent-pending formula.

The search for a natural blue color is the result of a study conducted by the University of Southampton, which was published in the English newspaper The Lancet in 2007. The research concluded that confirmed food colors cause hyperactivity in children.

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