EDLONG rediscovers milk flavors in a vegan application

EDLONG is the only flavor company focused on dairy profiles, with and without dairy products, this year they present only the taste of more than 250 vegan flavors in all their flavor categories: cheese, butter, milk and cream, yogurt and sweet profiles.

In this sense, the participants of the Food Tech Summit Expo Mexico will be able to taste two vegan applications: a vegan ice cream and a cookie with a Belgian cookie profile “Speculoos” and a vegan cheese with the flavor of Oaxaca.

The Speculoos cookie profile is known in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The same indulgent profile is displayed in both cookie and soft serve. This is possible thanks to the versatility and functionality of the flavors, which are stable both for baking and freezing. Flavors used: Natural Vanilla Flavor WONF #1413114 and Natural Brown Sugar Flavor #4269.

With vegan Oaxaca flavored cheese, the flavor functionality is demonstrated by masking the unwanted notes of the vegan base, and most importantly, the distinctive and artisanal profile of Oaxaca cheese is discernible. Flavors Used: N&A Queso Oaxaca Type Flavor # 1413021 & N&A Queso Cream Type Flavor # 1412968.

Get to know the news in milk profiles EDLONG and electrical stand 100-100A.

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