Effective baking without guar gum

Mühlenchemie developed EMCEbest WA as a flour alternative to guar seeds, in the production of bread and pastries, the new product provides optimal water absorption, stability and freshness. Due to increasing prices and decreasing availability of guar gum, the baking industry is looking for alternatives to this raw material. Therefore, Mühlenchemie, a company specialized in flour improvers, has developed a new composition of enzyme active substances EMCEbest WA used in bread and pastry making as an effective substitute for guar for water absorption, which achieves improved stability in dough preparation and an increase in volume by more than 4 % compared to guar gum. With the EMCEbest WA Pure variant, clean label products can also be produced, as this composition of enzyme active substances does not contain E numbers.

Guar gum is the best known and most used hydrocolloid in the food industry. This success is largely due to the economical prices of this raw material. However, currently the demand for guar has increased enormously as it is increasingly used in the transportation of oil or natural gas.

So that bakery manufacturers do not have to depend on this situation, Mühlenchemie application technicians have now developed an active substance that can be used as a high-quality and economical alternative for the production of bread and pastries. In multiple tests, the solution was found in a combination of plant fibers, hydrocolloids and enzymes, which with the same dose achieves much better stability in the farinogram than guar gum. The new EMCEbest WA gives, immediately after preparation, a pleasantly dry dough and does not require a subsequent swelling time. Furthermore, in baking tests, with a dose of 1% flour, volume increases with normal fermentation and over-fermentation of more than 4% were observed compared to guar gum.

For companies that want without mandatory additives, Mühlenchemie offers the variant EMCEbest WA Pure. Siehe Komentar been. By adding 1% EMCEbest WA Pure to flour, depending on the recipe, between 6 and 10% more water can be used than without additives. The dough is easy to work with and does not stick. In the texture analyzer, the resulting moisture retention is detected through the softness/smoothness and elasticity of the crumb that has uniform pore formation. In addition, products with EMCEbest WA Pure also achieve a volume increase of up to 4% compared to guar gum.

Positive effects were confirmed both in direct and long-term production of bread, pastries and baguettes, as well as in heavy doughs for “Fruit Bread”. Therefore, EMCEbest WA Pure is ideal for pure recipes, to guarantee stability, performance, freshness and profitability in industrial production.

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