Enjoy the ice cream line that transports you to the flavors of France

Spain.- New line from ice creams It arrives as one of the main novelties of the brand for this summer, and consists of three references that are already available at the main points of sale: Double Chocolate Ganache, Strawberry & Raspberry and Yuzu & Lemon.

Love, culture and French macarons: the brand wants to infect consumers with French vibes in its new global launch. WITH Pierre Herme, one of the best confectioners in the world, the new creations for this summer have been developed in a pioneering global collaboration for “ice cream over ice creams”.

For the past twenty years, I have been constantly inventing and reinterpreting my macaron recipes, which is my favorite creative terrain. “Whether it’s about texture, presentation or the possibilities of flavor expression, the macaron offers an ideal area of ​​expression for creativity,” declares the pastry chef. Pierre Herme.

macaron-ice cream
Both brands share a commitment to high quality and taste, a passion for innovation and reinterpretation of favorite classic products. Photo: Häagen-Dazs

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Dream ice creams

The campaign accompanying this launch continues to build on the global motto “Don’t Stop”, highlighting the French connection: the time we spend together while enjoying the new flavors of the icon cake par excellence, macarons.

The result is ice cream, France and love mixed through a vibrant filter and “Don’t Stop” attitude. All this together with the core values ​​of the brand: indulge, live in the moment and enjoy a delicious dessert worth tasting.

The range of ice cream includes three flavors many different:

  • Double chocolate ganache
  • Strawberry & Raspberry
  • Yuzu and lemon

To make each scoop even better, crunchy macaroon pieces are added to the creamy ice cream, providing the perfect balance between the brand’s dreamy taste and signature flavor almond of this dessert. You do not need a passport for this trip to Paris.

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