Enjoy the most patriotic chocolate

Mexico. As part of the celebration of national holidays, the long-awaited dish comes again from the hands of chef José Ramón Castillo seasonal chili en nogada candy in all QUE BO! shops.

Chef Castillo stands out for his immense passion for representing Mexico through his creations. For this reason, it takes a much-loved icon of Mexican culture and turns it into chocolate.

This chocolate consists of a shell of 45% milk chocolate. Nogada is filled with ganache, Castilian walnut paste.

Plus, it adds touches dry sherry and one poblano chile jelly. With a design in green, white and red that refers to public holidays.

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Chiles en nogada, a tradition that provides taste experiences

He chili in nogada It’s a dish created by the Augustinian nuns from the Santa Mónica convent in Puebla to celebrate Mexico’s independence.
This dish basically consists of poblano chili stuffed with beef and pork, mixed with fruits: banana, apple, pear, peach and bathed in walnut sauce.

It is a seasonal dish par excellence and is served during the months of July, August and September. because walnuts which is the variety used in the preparation of nogade, is harvested during these months. As well as pomegranate, another basic ingredient of this dish.

This traditional chocolate will be available during the month of September or while stocks last. Photo: WHAT BO

Chocolate consumption

Establishment chocolates family consumption goes back to the early 1970s. These chocolates are no longer exclusively a gift, but become part of the shopping basket and are identified with moments of pleasure shared with the family.

Consumers point out that they eat this dessert as a “fad” or “reward”. Four out of ten consumers eat only chocolates without any other food or drink. while two out of ten consume it with water or coffee.

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