Epi Ingredients launches new corporate identity

The company presented a completely renewed image and portfolio at FIE 2015. For Epi Ingredients, the dry ingredients division of Laïte, a dairy cooperative and one of the world’s dairy experts, 2015 was no ordinary year, as the presented edition of FIE marks a new era for the company .

“We have undergone a complete corporate rebranding as part of a plan designed to support the group’s significant investment in our division, as well as to strengthen our leading position in the international dairy market,” explained Mathieu Lucot, head of marketing.

With the launch of the new corporate identity, the foundations were laid for a complete redefinition of the company’s offer, with the consequent reorganization of sales tools.

In this context, Epi Ingredients took advantage of the 2015 FIE edition, where it decided to highlight the top quality of its ingredients through product sampling, thus showing the advantages of selected ingredients, designed for different segments of the target market. So they were available for tasting:

– Frozen yogurt with a unique fermented powder of Epi ingredients that contains live cultures; and cookies filled with a mix featuring the company’s very unique yogurt powder. Just two examples of what can be done with Epi Ingredients’ range of premium fermented powders.

With a strong but pleasant milky taste, these natural powders are a real asset in formulating new indulgence products, improving taste and texture in applications such as ice cream, yogurt freezeas well as fillings and glazes.

– Ice cream that uses milk substitutes in an effort to reduce recipe costs.

– Sports nutrition with an instant mix, which ensures a high protein content thanks to the addition of the caseinate formula of Epi ingredients.

With this reinvented product concept, the company aims to provide fully customized solutions to meet current market demands without sacrificing the taste and texture of the final products.

In addition, the infant nutrition portfolio – from raw ingredients to final products – is also of great interest. In addition to its renowned demineralized powders perfectly suited for incorporation into infant formulas, Epi Ingredients can also provide solutions for Phase 1 and 3 infant formula packaged for retail and market-ready.

“We see great opportunities for this type of offering and are pleased to introduce this new functionality to our range, designed to help our prospective customers significantly reduce their time to market,” said Mathieu Lucot.

Source: www.laita.com / www.epi-ingredients.com

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