ESG criteria bring benefits to companies

Criteria ecological, social and management, acquaintances as ESG with its acronym u Englishin the questions sustainabilitydiversity and satisfaction from employees, They are associated with higher profitability and company growth.

That is, workers who feel satisfied in their companies perform better at their jobs, increasing the company’s revenues, according to the study. Do the efforts create value? ESG?”from Bain and Society Mr EcoVadis.

Said study evaluated impact of criteria on 100 thousand companies, of which it is 80% belong to the private sectorwe hereby remember that it is important for companies to invest in order to meet the criteria required for human capital.

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The results of the study of Bain and Society Mr EcoVadis

Axel sailoradvisory partner Bain and Societyhe listed some results study which are key core to study or understand the criteria ESG

  • Companies with improve Women in their executive teams achieve better financial results.
  • Use energy renewable energy sources are associated with higher margins EBITDAs in high-carbon industries, including natural resources, transportation and manufactured goods.
  • Companies that focus on practice ethicsenvironment and work within their supply chains are improve profitable.
  • Bad leaders which promote practice ESG achieve greater satisfaction work; which is reflected in accelerated growth and high indexes profitability for companies.

With this information, we have the necessary perspective in the discussion of activities ESG in relation to financial resultsshowing that taking them into account brings successful results.

One of the results of the study shows that companies with women in finance have good results. Photo: Freepik.

Companies must invest in criteria ESG

with sayings the results, sector private must find the motivation to follow the right path sustainable trendsand practices ESGwhich i already know showed They are not a waste of time or money poorly invested.

i know too tested how diverse aspects, such as implementing practices to reduce carbon and improve diversity brought good results, so they are implemented sustainable educational practices in processes management and environmental protection.

Not everything has been achieved, the study reminds us that there are still areas to continue working on, such as scope of carbon management, where only 35% of private industry undertakes, while in the public sector 53% have already dealt with the problem.

Companies at all levels must continue to work on their own practice responsible, So how to double your investment to accelerate your stride towards sustainability, mention Sylvain Guyoton, Main Evaluation Offer from EcoVadis.

In order to continue on the path of trends, companies must stay up to date and take care of ESG criteria. Photo: Freepik.

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