Farmers in the European Union are opting for new technologies

The informal meeting of EU agriculture ministers (RIM) held in Córdoba concluded that new technologies They must play a key role in the transition towards a more sustainable agri-food system.

And thus enable us to face the consequences of climate change. Furthermore, its use will make it easier for the agri-food sector to achieve profitability and competitiveness.

In this sense, experts believe that the incorporation of new technologies into agricultural and food production will enable us to respond to challenges reindustrialize the EU. As well as guaranteeing its strategic autonomy, as well as improving ecological transition and adaptation to the environment.

Among the technological innovations that will contribute to ecological transformation are new techniques of genetic editing (NTG), applied to the processes of obtaining new plant varieties.

Among the technological innovations that will contribute to ecological transformation are new gene editing techniques. Photo: Freepik

New technologies and innovations for agriculture

In the sector of agriculture and animal husbandry There are numerous technological innovations that can contribute to the sustainability of agricultural operations in all their aspects; between them:

  • Precision agriculture
  • Using sensors
  • Feed additives
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Nitrogen-fixing crops
  • Recognition of plant diseases based on artificial intelligence

In this context, new technologies will enable progress in accordance with the European Green Plan, and especially in the challenges A farm-to-table strategy. This includes guaranteeing sufficient food at reasonable prices, without compromising the productive limits of the planet.

Furthermore, the authorities of the European Union and experts for agricultural industry They agree that it is necessary to make financial mechanisms available to farmers for investing in new technologies and training them for their use.

In the end, they highlighted the role of community funds from the Horizon Europe program and the measures foreseen in the CAP strategic plans, which will enable the number of innovative projects to be tripled in this period in order to digital and innovative transformation.

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