Fasson presents its new line of labels

Avery Dennison, a company that offers self-adhesive solutions for consumer products, continues to expand its Fasson product line in the Durables segment.

Based on the wide range of labels applied to different markets, Fasson offers a brief overview of the general classification:

* Product identification marks: They are used to identify the product and provide information about it.

* Labels for branding and decoration: They are used to contain and communicate brands of durable products. Their focus is on aesthetics, they withstand demanding conditions of use and last throughout the product’s lifetime.

* Functional marks: They are the least known. This type of sticker includes removable foils that protect the smartphone screen from the membrane that allows it to function, passing through the moisture protection of the PC hard drive. Within this classification, it is worth mentioning the marks that show the violation (VOID) or those that show the authenticity of the product.

* Warning signs: They warn or inform the consumer about possible dangers or the correct use of the product. Generally, they correspond to legal safeguards that manufacturers take to prevent consumers from using the product in a faulty way, which is why these marks must last in perfect condition.

* Marks of conformity: These are the ones who inform the consumer that the purchased product meets the international or local standards that are required. In this case, it is necessary that these marks are resistant to strong environmental attacks.

In the segment of special high-strength adhesives for permanent labels, Fasson has products that range from traditional acrylic adhesives (water or solvent-based) to rubber adhesives, the most aggressive and durable.

Soledad Dagnino, market communications specialist at Avery Dennison in Argentina, commented: “In a highly segmented market, based on short and medium conversion, where technical and response requirements are key; Fasson has the experience, products and support its customers need to be competitive and leading in their market.”

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