Fermented seafood alternatives, Aqua Cultured’s new bet

The starting food technology Aqua Cultured Foods has signed a Proof of Concept (PoC) with Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer, to advance the development of its seafood alternatives with realistic taste and texture.

Aqua uses microbial fermentation to “farm” its proteins and is developing the world’s first sushi-quality tuna and whitefish fillets cut in whole muscle, as well as alternatives to shrimp and squid, based on its new fermentation technology.

The collaboration includes evaluating the acceptance of Swiss consumers alternatives to fermented seafood Aqua and the exploration of new business opportunities in Switzerland. “The global demand for seafood is exceeding the capacity of the oceans and we appreciate that Migros wants to be part of the solution,” said Brittany Chibe, Aqua’s chief development officer.

Seafood consumption in Europe

As described by Aqua, Europeans in member states The EU consumes 27 kg (almost 60 pounds) of seafood per person, where imports far exceed domestic supply. Almost a quarter of the world’s catch is imported into Europe, even though it represents less than 10% of the world’s population.

“Aqua Cultured Foods has introduced some exciting technologies and products that we at Migros believe can revolutionize the seafood category in the food industry. The Swiss market welcomes food technology, and we are ready to present the future of alternative proteins in the region,” said a Migros spokesperson.

European appetite for clean meat represents a significant business opportunity for the first beginners in the space. Building on this momentum, Plenitude, a group of sustainable food partners led by Enough Food, recently secured significant EU funding to build the largest mycoprotein plant this decade.

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