First National Forum on Industrial Hemp: Uses, Processes and Benefits

About the event

They organize this forum Latin American Hemp Association AC (ALCANN) and Chapingo Autonomous University, It is intended for all those who are interested in getting to know and delve deeper into the concepts related to the differentiation of industrial hemp in relation to cannabis.

The social, economic and production benefits that will be produced by promoting the hemp industry in Mexico, the challenges and the future of cultivation in our country and the current regulatory situation will be identified; that is, for academics and students; rural producers, businessmen, members of civil associations, civil servants and officials, experts, researchers, activists and the community in general.

Currently, the hemp industry is going through a moment where Mexico is becoming one of the main countries in Latin America in time to attract business arising from the various uses of the plant. It is important that everyone involved and interested be well informed and form a common front to promote this industry.


University of Chapingo – Mexico

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