Five profiles of today’s consumer

The consulting company Nielsen formulates five profiles that allow us to understand the different habits of today’s customer. But in general we can talk about a more cautious consumer.

Considering the critical situation happening in the country and the world, consumers have changed their shopping habits. The context leads them to be more cautious and rational, and in order to reach them successfully, it is necessary to know how they choose the products they consume.

Currently, in the supermarket, consumers stand in front of the shelves and evaluate the prices, the quality of the offer, whether they offer additional convenience and check that their packages have not been reduced as a sign of hidden inflation.

Research and fidelity
The consulting company specialized in detecting trends and consumer behavior, GfK Kleiman Sygnos, conducted a survey on a sample of 31,538 people of both sexes over the age of 13, living in the main countries of the most representative regions of the world.

This study shows that 57 percent of Argentines buy products or services only from those who are known or trusted, and that 60 percent are usually loyal to their chosen brand. These trends pretty much coincide with what is happening around the world.

However, brand loyalty comes after a prudent time researching the differences it has compared to others. According to the survey, 68% of Argentines claim that they do this before making a purchase.

The most trusted information channels in Argentina are those of traditional advertising: newspapers (51 percent), and TV and radio (both with 47 percent). Further behind are magazines with 38 percent and the Internet with 24 percent.

Responsible consumption
Another concept that is gradually entering the consciousness of consumers is the impact of their choices on the environment. Brands will need to comply with regulations and use planet-friendly technology to remain competitive in the near future.

This trend, apart from the evaluation of the current production and promotion methods, opens the door to an organic and healthy market. The packaging sector must pay attention to these changes, in order to follow the trend with ecological and sustainable responses.

Five consumer profiles
Based on research, the consulting company The Nielsen Company came up with the definition of five consumer profiles. These are:

  1. Indifferent autopilot: They are consumers who buy on autopilot, but show low brand loyalty in relation to these products. They do not hesitate to switch brands if desired products are not available.
  2. Intermittent autopilot: They are consumers who are really interested in these categories and don’t want to take any chances. They have found their comfort zone and are not inclined to rebrand.
  3. browser: Shoppers who seek variety and are permeable to point-of-sale incentives. They like to study the products and take the time necessary to weigh the offer on the shelf.
  4. Powered by Buzz: Customers with a high degree of commitment to the category, ready for information, even actively seeking it. News, advertising, innovation and local incentives have a big impact on them.
  5. Motivated by special offers: Price comparisons and promotions dominate the choice of this type of consumer, in the absence of new innovative proposals.

Regardless of the profile, it is evident that brand loyalty is gained if the recipient of the product offered for sale is known. Both the “most approachable” and the “most analytical” consumers expect answers to their requests.

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