Five tips to improve packaging

How to lure a consumer who decides to buy in eight seconds? Below are the keys for the product the customer selects.

Five keys for the product of the customer’s choice:

Know the market. Conduct research on market competition and sector characteristics, that is essential so that the consumer can recognize them easily the category or family of products to which it belongs. “This will condition the design and, in the case of an existing product, assess its ‘health’,” says Group A’s Carla Finocchietti, communications and design specialist. To do this, you need to identify the profile and strategic positioning. Also, “analyze the stylistic paradigms of the sector (codes used – if they exist – within the sector, peer survey) and the values ​​of your own brand (graphic and extragraphic)”, explains Eugenia Carlesi, professor of graphic design at UADE.

Gain visibility. “This is important because the customer’s purchase decision is concentrated in just eight seconds,” explains Martín Muchnik, director of Muchnik Design. For Carlesi, it is essential to consider the product’s journey before it reaches the consumer, as this will affect storage and transport resistance, shape, size and weight limitations, as well as shelf life (shelf life) requirements.

Explore the design. “Explore the possibilities that packaging gives you and its limitations. You can generate a design based on its morphology, exploiting a certain feature. However, we must take into account technical limitations, such as the material from which it is made, so that we do not have any surprises when printing. It is important to sketch by hand, with a pencil. First of all, the machine is outdated,” reviews Finocchietti.

Think of the consumer. Packaging is defined as a ‘silent seller’, says Carlesi. Besides the fact that it’s not just that, Muchnik points out the importance it has when it comes to reaching consumers, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. “Smaller companies have fewer resources to carry out advertising campaigns. Your focus should be on the most profitable actions. Considering that 75% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale, investing in packaging is strategic,” recommends the owner of Muchnik Design.

Less is more. It is ideal to have the brand manual. If not, it is important to define the resources you will work with: fonts, color palette, photography, illustration. When designing: less is more. No resource catalog is required, coding elements are. “What you can tell on the packaging is very little; So you have to make it simple so that people can see it,” summarizes Muchnik. “In recent years, QR codes have been incorporated that have no visual appeal, but are usually a tool to promote advertising, connecting the consumer to the web,” he concludes.

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