Five trends in packaging and labels in 2018

In an increasingly competitive market, companies and brands are realizing that packaging is a core marketing product that allows them to differentiate their products from their competitors at the point of sale.

Concern for the environment: Consumers are increasingly informed and aware of the use of environmentally friendly raw materials or proper waste management; those details make the difference when making a purchase decision.

Security and traceability: With the rise of counterfeiting and online commerce, product packaging and labels have a fundamental role to play in serving as a tool to guarantee security. Producers of products, packaging and labels must join forces and design smart packaging and labels that guarantee the authenticity of what we buy, including codes or the use of exclusive materials that facilitate traceability.

Clear and transparent information: The packaging and label must clearly show the product’s value. The packaging must be conceived as a whole that conveys the same message.

Minimalism: Simple design, with clean and clear lines, is in fashion, especially in the luxury market. Geometric characters and visible typography prevail.

Creativity and adaptation: In the world of design, creativity is essential. A container or label with a new design draws attention to each product. And if this design includes elements of personalization, the packaging will become a powerful marketing tool.

Source: ANFEC.

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