Flavors that give life to hard seltzers

Line of tastes “true to fruit” is designed to help consumers “travel” using their imagination to places such as Spain, Brazil, Japan, the Caribbean and Russia. The flavors of the destination provide comfort consumers who physically cannot travel but are as eager to go out as before.

This new palette of flavors Blue California it is focused on formulating hard seltzer, which is “the fastest-growing product in the spirits category,” says Kathy Oglesby, CEO tastes and smells de Blue California.

Top suppliers pointed out that more consumers are using global flavors in snacks to “travel” the world during stay-at-home measures. “Access to great tasting alcoholic beverages can be an affordable luxury,” Kathy continues.

Examples of destination and flavor pairings include:

  • Catalan Crush (Barcelona, ​​Spain): Fragrant and juicy peaches.
  • Arctic Gem (St. Petersburg, Russia): Ripe and bright fresh raspberries.
  • Pacific Blossom (Tokyo, Japan): Sweet tart cherry.
  • Cool Caipirinha (São Paulo, Brazil): Natural and refreshing puff.
  • Thai Treat (Bangkok, Thailand): Aromatic, juicy mango.
  • Aruba Ariba (Caribbean): Spicy, sweet and juicy tropical mix.
  • Aztec Adventure (Mexico City): Prickly pear and water pear.
  • California Dreamin’ (San Diego, California): Aromatic citrus fruits.

New flavors of Blue California

Blue California has launched a new offer natural aromas with its 2021 Destination Flavors collection of ready-to-eat spirits, which appeals to health-conscious consumers at home.

“We don’t foresee hard juice sales slowing down anytime soon. It’s not just mainstream, it’s mainstream. Health and wellness remain a consumer focus, as does the desire for great-tasting food and beverages made with clean ingredients,” says Kathy Oglesby.

The lowest content of sugar and calories of hard seltzers are driving consumer demand for the category, with growing recognition that the product is a “better-for-you alternative,” the company says.

The trend of lower sugar intake

Blue California has noticed that there is a real demand for healthier products sugar and calorie free low sugar and calorie made with natural ingredients that won’t go away.

Products with low sugar content are the most difficult to develop. This is possible because each flavor Destination is uniquely designed to combine with natural flavor modulation technology that works great with or without added sugar.

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