Food companies are punctual with delivery at El Buen Fino

According to the author’s global report Censuswide, 57% of Mexicans have full confidence when ordering food at home or takeout via delivery apps

The study shows that speed should never hinder the overall quality of the ordering experience.

For example, in Mexico, Consumers report that their delivery experience could be ruined:

  • Order delays
  • Long delivery times
  • Incomplete or incorrect orders

Currently, consumers They believe that delivery apps will offer the best value and experience for their money.

  • A third (37%) of respondents globally consider ordering food from restaurants via apps to be reliable.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, more than half (57%) of respondents consider using delivery apps to be reliable.

31% of domestic participants think so Requesting delivery directly from the restaurant is a reliable optionwhile 8% trust only personal request for an order.

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The main favorite foods that Mexicans order in delivery apps are pizzas with 63% and hamburgers with 48%.

Despite inflation, consumers are still ordering through delivery apps

Another poll he commissioned Deliver and conducted by Censuswide, shows that 57% of consumers worldwide order takeout or delivery up to three times a week.

  • That compares to 49% who ordered at that rate before inflation rose.

In Mexico, 65% of Mexicans report ordering food through a delivery app up to three times a week. Which represents an increase of 16% of consumers according to pre-inflation data.

Consumers continue to prioritize and enjoy convenience take away and home delivery,” he explains. Zhong Xu, CEO and co-founder of Deliverect.

The main favorite foods that Mexicans order in delivery apps are pizzas with 63% and hamburgers with 48%.

While Mexican-origin options include tacos of any kind at 45%, followed by pozoles at 19% and chilaquiles at 18%.

This shows that in El Buen Fin, which lasts from November 18 to 21, Huge opportunities are opening up in all business premises, institutions, companies and services.

What they should be looking for is not only to give their guests the delivery experience of a lifetime, but also to generate intelligent spending with promotions, offers and discounts.

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