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Creating packaging relevant to consumers as well as sustainability challenges are the main challenges in the packaging industry. The Food Pack Summit will be attended by Juan Benito, head of packaging research and development at the Innovation and Development Center of Coca-Cola Latin America, who will address this topic.

Packaging must respond to the trends required by the market, from practicality to ecological materials that reduce their impact on the environment, while connecting with the consumer through a personalized experience with their name or photo on the packaging of their favorite products.

Packaging is the first impression a consumer has of a product, which is why it becomes a strategic marketing tool that manages to reflect the essence and values ​​of the brand, not forgetting that it also fulfills basic functions such as preserving freshness, ensuring food safety and facilitating storage or distribution.

Data from the Mexican Packaging and Packaging Association (AMEE) reveals that the industry reported a 5% increase in total production last year, translating to a total of 11.3 million tons, with a sales value of $14 billion, an increase of 5%. in relation to the income realized in the previous year.

Mexico has the second largest packaging industry in Latin America and, in an increasingly competitive market, packaging is being transformed, gaining more importance in influencing purchasing decisions, offering a wide variety of options such as flexible packaging. which adapt to the accelerated pace of life. in big cities where everything is condensed on the fly.

Packaging sustainability is another rapidly growing trend. According to the UN Environment Program, 300 million tons of plastic were produced in 2017, and it is estimated that in 2050 there will be more containers, bottles and bags in the sea than fish, therefore plastic packaging can be recycled and its use is environmentally efficient Materials reflect the brands’ commitment to the environment, which is positively valued by their target market.

While technology drives smart packages or those that speak to the consumer, i.e. provide valuable information about the opening and integrity of the seal, confirm the authenticity of the product and show whether it is at the optimal temperature for consumption.

In this context, personalization appears as a disruptive concept that has revolutionized the packaging industry with notable cases such as Coca Cola’s Share a Coke campaign, which has been implemented in more than 85 countries, including Mexico, due to its success.

A strategy that won over consumers by replacing its logo and engraving the most common names according to each country on the packages of different presentations. The initial idea that invited people to share Coca Cola with the name of a friend or family member went further and managed to generate a conversation on social networks with millions of mentions and even change the perception of some detractors of the multinational, since it was perceived as a brand that approached the consumer in a special way , succeeding in showing how important people are to Coca Cola.

In this way, packaging customization achieves its goal and consumers feel listened to, important, unique and valued. Innovations in product packaging play an important role today more than ever, they manage to talk to consumers, inspire them, convince them and build loyalty, they must help create a shopping experience and improve competitiveness.

Learn more about the packaging industry at the Food Pack Summit with a keynote from Juan Benito, Coca Cola: how to innovate in a changing world, a theoretical and practical talk that will deal with the development of relevant packaging for consumers, as well as the challenges of sustainability and how this brand focuses on dealing with them. As the technical person responsible for the implementation of the Share a Coca-Cola campaign in Mexico, he will share some of his knowledge in the practical part.

Juan Benito is the packaging research and development manager at Coca Cola Latin America. With more than 22 years of experience in innovation and packaging, 10 of which within the Coca Cola Company, in charge of development, testing and implementation of innovations in packaging and packaging. He has rich experience in projects with multifunctional and multicultural teams, training suppliers, as well as internal and external clients. He also has experience in industries such as brewing, business consulting, entrepreneurship, sales, e-commerce, corporate and government. He leads, develops, advises and promotes people within his team and in other areas of the company.

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