Fresh tequila with pepino

1800 Verdano is a tequila that combines white agave with mild notes of cucumber, giving it a light and refreshing taste.Mexico.- Tequila 1800, launched in Mexico a new way of drinking tequila with the freshness of cucumber: 1800 Verdano.

Due to its composition, Verdano can be enjoyed on its own or in original cocktails that mix natural flavors such as citrus, quince water, lemon soda and, of course, natural cucumber to highlight the freshness and subtlety of 1800 Verdano.

It should be noted that it is another characteristic Tequila 1800 Verdano is a careful production process, the result of which is the preservation of the natural properties of agave together with a mixture of fruit and herbal aromas, which makes it a multifaceted tequila.

Produced in Jalisco, 1800 Verdano is distinguished by being transparent with slight flashes of bright silver color, a characteristic sign of full-flavored tequila, which fuses the taste of cucumber with notes agave.

Verdano joins the Tequila 1800 family, with its special sweet taste, green and fresh cucumber notes, preserving and enhancing the agave character that has positioned the brand as a cosmopolitan tequila of the highest quality.

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