Functional ingredients: Norevo Mexico’s strong portfolio

The global functional foods and beverages market will continue to grow significantly between 2020 and 2024, according to the Global Functional Foods and Beverages Market 2019 report. Therefore, functional ingredients They will become more and more present as consumer needs become more sophisticated and specific.

Since the Mexican market is more demanding and requires the food it consumes, good taste and physiological benefits, use functional ingredients (which can be of plant or animal origin) are still in play because they contain physiologically active compounds beneficial to health.

Market and market analysis (2015-2020) shows that functional ingredients lead the growth compared to other types of food ingredients and additives.

Functional food ingredients supply the body with proteins, amino acids, dietary fiber, vitamins, essential oils, minerals, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, prebiotics, probiotics, flavonoids and carotenoids, and hydrocolloids.

Likewise, they give special properties to food such as texture, fluidity, hydration and taste. They also enable processors to produce new foods more efficiently, resulting in better controlled and more productive recipes.

4 very promising functional ingredients

In the broad panorama of the future development of new formulations of functional products, it must be taken into account that the incorporation of functional ingredients into food matrices is sometimes a complex process, due to their sensitivity to low pH and aromas and flavors. who are not the ones being prosecuted.

With the help of Norevo México, an international supplier of natural raw materials, we review four functional ingredients that contribute to the development of food with beneficial health properties: gum arabic, waxes, licorice extract and honey.

1. gum arabic

It is a natural plant raw material, which is obtained from the resin of African acacia. It is a hydrocolloid that offers a multi-purpose character and film-forming and stabilizing properties, as well as a high emulsifying capacity.

Gum arabic has few calories, is odorless and colorless. Because it can reach the large intestine and resist digestion in the small intestine, it can be classified as an indigestible carbohydrate or dietary fiber. It can also be classified as a prebiotic.

Application and organoleptic properties:

  • Pastry products: Texturizer, barrier and film former, coating agent and brightener for dragees and chewing gums.
  • Drinks and flavors: Emulsifier, suspending agent and stabilizer for soft drinks, smoothies and cocktails. Carrier and encapsulant for flavored emulsion concentrates and spray-dried flavors.
  • Fine dishes: Emulsifier, suspending agent and stabilizer for dairy products, sauces or desserts.
  • Enological and beer products: Clarifier and stabilizer for wines. Stabilizer and emulsifier for drinks mixed with beer.
Author of the photo: Norevo Mexico.

2. Waxes

It has antioxidant properties with various applications in food, such as the development of active packaging and functional foods. Depending on the type and origin, natural waxes differ in appearance, properties and areas of application. These can be beeswax, carnauba, candelilla and ruj.

Application and organoleptic properties:

  • Various products (drinks, gummy candies, fruit spreads, candies, among others): Lightening and sealing agent as well as agent for separating dragees and gums, texturizer based on chewing gum.
Author of the photo: Norevo Mexico.

3. Licorice extract

Concentrated natural licorice root juice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) obtained by water and steam extraction. The main ingredient of glycyrrhizin root is a glycoside that is strongly sweetening. It is valued for its aromatic, sweetening or debittering properties.

Licorice has a beneficial effect on the digestive system because it is an antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and antacid herb. It prevents heaviness in the stomach, flatulence, indigestion and colitis. It also relieves heartburn, increases gastric mucus and relieves constipation.

Application and organoleptic properties:

  • Food and desserts: Natural sweeteners and bitterness inhibitors, as well as flavor enhancers in sauces, confectionery, caramels, lozenges, gummies and licorice ice cream.
  • Drink: Natural sweeteners and bitterness inhibitors as well as colorants for soft drinks, liqueurs, teas or alcoholic beverages.
Author of the photo: Norevo Mexico.

4. Med

In accordance with Integrated organizations of beekeepers of Mexico (ORIAMEX), honey nectar varies depending on the harvest area and botanical origin. These different characteristics are key to the sensory characteristics and application areas of each type of honey.

It contains a large number of antioxidants (flavonoids and phenols). According to the American Board on Honey and Health, it helps regulate blood sugar, reduces metabolic stress and promotes restorative sleep.

Application and organoleptic properties:

  • Food: Natural aromatic sweeteners for jams, desserts, fine dishes or savory dishes.
    Bakery: Aromatic natural sweeteners and binders for gingerbread, Florentine and fruit breads.
  • Cereals: Aromatic natural sweeteners and binders for granola bars and breakfast cereals.
  • Nutrition of infants and babies: Special honey for children’s nutrition as natural, aromatic sweeteners for mixing baby food, dairy products or drinks.
  • Drink: Sweeteners and flavorings for the preparation of non-alcoholic and traditional alcoholic beverages such as brandy.
  • Pastry products: Candies filled with honey, gummy candies, chewing candies, caramels.
Author of the photo: Norevo Mexico.

Norevo Mexico supplies functional ingredients such as gum arabic, agar agar, honey, agave syrup, licorice extract and waxes. Recently, the company reported that as As a result of its business strategy, as of June 1 of this year, it moved its offices to its facility in Tepotzotlán, State of Mexico, since its purpose is to optimize its processes.

The company asks customers and suppliers to update their new address and take it into account for official and tax purposes.

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