Functional lipids based on omega 3 can be useful in food and drink

Algarithm and Natures Crops International have joined forces in development functional lipids based on omega 3 for use in nutritional supplements and food and beverage ingredients.

These mixtures are the only vegan sources which provide a wider range of omegas with good sensory properties.

“This partnership builds on Natures Crops’ strategy to shift sources and consumption patterns of omega 3 to a traceable, sustainable and vegan basis, while improving the range of food options people have to meet their needs,” He said Greg Cumberfordvice president of science and regulation at Natures Crops.

The mixtures take advantage of oxidative stability and sensory qualities of DHA oilalphamega3 and thetamega3, respectively.

  • It is much simpler and more cost-effective to develop new plant-based foods and beverages that differ across categories than to do so with comparable marine omega-3 sources.

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A combination of functional lipids

A combination of omega 3 fats It improves the environment and human health in an ecologically sustainable manner, since each kilogram of 80DHA or 150DHA protects 4,000 fish in the sea.

Likewise, a combination of omega-rich dietary oils has a beneficial content of omega 3 and 6 metabolites for optimal brain, cardiovascular, immune, joint and intestinal microbiome function.

The sensory properties of the oil include a clean and neutral flavor and aroma profile, allowing this 100% herbal blend to be included in a wider range food and drink.

For example, it can be added to plant-based dairy products, meal replacement drinks, snack bars or patisseries, where marine ingredients and omega-3 fatty acids DHA algae struggle for sensory challenges or shelf stability.

As a result of the concentration of omega-3 stearidonic acid and omega-6 gamma-linolenic acid in the oil, the heart, brain, skin and immune systems they are compatible.

The health benefits of fish oil, evening primrose oil, olive oil and flaxseed oil are all in one plant, making it a fatty acid supply.

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