Fuze tea: ready to drink

This is Coca-Cola’s first global tea brand Coca-Cola has introduced its new global tea brand in Mexico, Fuze Tea, a ready-to-drink tea with fruity flavors. Fuze Tea is Coca-Cola’s first global tea brand to be launched in 20 countries simultaneously.

This launch reflects the main essence of the brand by adopting ideas, cultures and high quality ingredients in a world without borders. Fuze Tea will be present in countries such as: Aruba, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Korea, Panama, Venezuela, among others.

In Mexico, it will be available in the following presentations: 222, 453 and 680 ml cans; and PET bottles of 500 and 600 ml.

“When good things come together, wonderful things are created. The launch of Fuze Tea gives us the opportunity to strengthen our portfolio and meet the needs and tastes of consumers who are open to trying new flavors in ready-to-drink tea,” commented Ulises Ramírez, Deputy Brand Director of Fuze Tea. in Coca-Cola from Mexico.

Fuze Tea combines attributes such as freshness and naturalness in a ready-to-drink form. It has a pleasant taste, does not contain preservatives or artificial dyes. It will also have different flavors: black tea with lemon, green tea with lemon, white mandarin tea, black tea with peach; as well as calorie-free presentations, light green tea and light black tea.

The drink will be available in self-service, convenience stores, price clubs and traditional channels. The communication campaign will be present on television, radio and outdoors.

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world and, for example, white tea makes up more than a quarter of all soft drinks consumed, but only 2% are ready-made drinks.

“Today, people have a new vision of a world where physical, social and cultural barriers disappear thanks to technology, and the brand strives to combine the best ingredients to create extraordinary results,” reported Coca-Cola.

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