Gama Gourmet line of winter chicken

A fusion of traditional local food, recognizable cuisine and new technologies, Gama Gourmet, a company dedicated to the development of V Gama food, is just before winter and has already designed several delicious chicken-based dishes for its system of healthy and tasty meals, as if they were made at home.

For his Pollo line, he suggests dishes with boneless and defatted chicken breasts or drumsticks. Chicken preparations are characterized by not drying out the meat, achieving the correct texture. In this line, eastern and classic flavors are combined, the protagonists of which are citrus fruits, spices, fruits, vegetables and dairy products.
The line was launched with different proposals:

– Chicken breast with citrus and chardonnay sauce.
– Chicken breast with saffron.
– Chicken breast with vegetables and sweet and sour sauce.
– Breast stuffed with ham and cheese with paprika coulis.
– Breast stuffed with spinach with caramelized onions.
– Boneless thigh with vegetable wok.
– Boneless thigh with sun-dried tomatoes and black olives.
His top-quality dishes are handmade, with fresh, natural ingredients and stored in perfect consumer conditions through the application of the most modern technologies.

For this new line of meat, they used lean and defatted cuts of beef and veal. These selected meats are combined with vegetables, mushrooms, spices, herbs, liqueurs, wines and fruits to create perfect recipes.

Inspired by French cuisine and Argentinian flavors, this line features specialties from different regions, with the special touch of Gama Gourmet chefs. Cooking in a vacuum – in contact with sauce, dressing or aromatic liquids – enables the development of intense flavors, which results in very tender, aromatic and tasty dishes.

V Gama foods are the most modern products, made from different ingredients, in which the food is vacuum-sealed before cooking, which ensures its health and safety for consumption, as well as all its original organoleptic properties. They are then stored and distributed under appropriate refrigeration conditions to preserve the original taste and freshness of the ingredients. Its easy and quick regeneration for consumption does not require special equipment or training.

The Gourmet range uses fresh and selected raw materials, without the use of preservatives, dyes, aromas or additives. In particular, it works to preserve its organoleptic properties to the maximum, because its dishes are prepared in the traditional way, and then packed in a vacuum or in a modified atmosphere, keeping the intact texture and achieving the maximum concentration of aromas and flavors. It has a hygienic and sanitary guarantee due to the vacuum cooking process and subsequent cooling until the moment of consumption.

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