Gatorade Limited Editions

Argentina. – Gatorade, a member of the PepsiCo portfolio, has launched two special editions with the image of two soccer superstars: Lionel Messi and Paul Dybala.

The containers will be available in 500 ml bottles in supermarkets and kiosks in the country for two months, Messi’s edition is Cool Blue and Dybal’s is apple.

The players are part of a team of global sports figures who represent the values, talent and effort that identify Gatorade, such as Emmanuel Ginobili and Luis Suárez, among others.

Since its inception, the energy drink has been created with the intention of promoting proper hydration for athletes who want to achieve maximum performance. Currently, through GSSI, it continues its commitment to close cooperation with athletes to promote their proper hydration, deepening ties with institutions, associations and top athletes, strengthening its leadership in the field of sports nutrition and hydration.

Source: Gatorade.

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