Gerber, yogurts and dairy products

Made with natural ingredients and without preservatives Mexico.- Gerber presented the first and only line of yogurt and chilled milk products, made with natural ingredients and without preservatives, which in each of them offer the consistency and part of the nutrients necessary to continue with the nutrition of children, starting from the first year of life.
“For more than 70 years, Gerber has been a favorite brand and recognized as an expert in children’s nutrition, dedicated to Mexican mothers to help them give their little ones a healthy start, which will be reflected in a healthy life. We know that the most important thing for them is to feed them and protect them from the first stage of their development.That’s why today Mexico is proud to be the first country in the world where we present our latest innovation, which will allow us to continue contributing to the healthy growth of our children.
With Gerber’s new line of chilled yogurts and dairy products, we are creating a new segment in the market, as it is designed especially for children from one year onwards”, said Alberto Modiano, Vice President of the Chilled Foods Department at Nestlé Mexico.
Children’s energy and nutrient needs differ depending on the stage they are in. That’s why Gerber introduced this new line to the market to help supplement the nutrition and specific needs of preschool children.
In general, in preschool age, the child has already reached the full maturity of the organs and systems that intervene in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and the children are adapted to the family diet; However, it is an important stage for creating and strengthening healthy eating habits, which will be crucial in the following stages of growth.
“Promoting children’s development to the maximum is closely related to nutrition. The quality and quantity of food offered during the first years of life will be crucial for healthy growth. Tastes and preferences change during this phase, so it is essential to establish a varied diet that includes different foods.” , said nutritionist Georgina Gómez.
Thinking of the above, as well as all Mexican mothers and their children; Gerber, a specialist in children’s nutrition, presented a new line of yogurt and chilled dairy products for the first time in its history. In addition to the excellent taste, they have the consistency and nutrients that children need, and they are the only ones made from natural ingredients and without preservatives.
Gerber’s new line consists of four new and delicious proposals that accompany children in their growth and development:

• To make it easier for mothers to transition their child from the world of porridge to the world of chilled food, Gerber has developed Blend: an exclusive combination of milk base with authentic and delicious Gerber porridge. This product is intended for children from 1 year of age.

• GerberPetit: which contains an exclusive combination of ingredients and zinc, which can help strengthen your intestinal immune system.

• Gerber shake yogurt contains prebiotic fibers that can help your digestion.

• And for older children, Gerber Drinkable, which contains probiotics to help strengthen and protect their gastrointestinal system.

“This innovation was developed at the Nestlé Product Technology Center in Lisieux, France, and is the result of a lot of effort and work. It is supported by a large team of scientific experts and nutritionists, who strive every day to develop products in the promotion of Nutrition, Health and well-being of consumers. In addition, it represents part of the more than 2 billion Swiss francs that Nestlé invests annually in research and development,” said Nachiket Pandya, a scientist at the Nestlé Product Technology Center in Lisieux, France.

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