Get to know the innovations in the drinks of this Spanish winery

Mexico.- Las drinks from Bodegas Williams & Humbert in oak barrels of the highest quality (soleras) form the basis of the current development and aging of each of the wines and brandies in the brand’s portfolio.

  • The winery markets its drinks in more than 80 countries and is developing an ambitious diversification program in the high-quality agri-food sector.

Through IDI Distribuciones in Mexico, it distributes its beverages throughout the national territory. Among which they stand out wine from Jerez like Dry Sack and others brandy Grand Duke of Alba.

Between his the most innovative drinks character:

  • White creamthe only one in the world that is made from solera gran reserva brandy
  • Rum Two Forestsrum with a double aging process (El Caribe and Jerez), a fusion of two cultures
  • Ginebras Cubicalstands out for its golden amber color, with notes of nuts, full body and very complex in the mouth.

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Williams & Humbert 1
Williams & Humbert Winery sells premium rums and wines from different denominations of Spain in Mexico.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages

According to information from Nielsena third of consumers in Mexico now spend more on alcohol per visit than 3 months ago, and only 23% report spending less.

  • For higher spenders, the main factors were that food and drink were more expensive at On Premise. However, a third of consumers say they spent more, and 30% celebrated more special occasions.

Consumers almost unanimously decide to give preference to this channel. Especially for celebrations and parties, and they want to see even more options on offer.

Previous research CGA’s path to purchase he pointed out that On Premise is a key destination for consumer testing and experimentation,” he points out. Matthew Crompton, CGA Regional Director for North America,

CGA research helps consumer companies On the premise understand the latest trends in Consumer behavior.

It provides suppliers with market and purchase journey insights needed to optimize strategies and support customer conversations.

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