Get to know this intense and bright Mexican wine

Mexico.- The wine he recently launched Gathered Its dark and deep red color stands out, it is bright and expressive.

Next to his fruity aroma and sweet and sparkling touchmakes it a fresh, light and very pleasant wine on the palate.

This wine is characterized by a soft and enveloping taste, which makes it a fresh and light wine. Its fruity notes are a delight for the palate.

It is made with Lancelotta grapesa wine grape variety that mainly grows in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna.

It is ideal for an afternoon of anecdotes that will make the most special moments unforgettable,” he says. Magaly Iturralde, Marketing Manager for International Import and Distribution (IDI).

Being fresh and pleasing to the palate, it manages to connect and create affinity with Mexican consumers, being the preferred brand in the wine category.

In addition, its packaging has “easy open” closure, which allows it to retain its taste, smell and properties for a longer time. It does not require a cork opener and if it is not finished it can be resealed and saved for another time.

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Lancellotta wine
A wine of universal appeal, Riunite Lancellotta pairs well with all kinds of dishes, and excels as an accompaniment to spicy dishes.

Wine production in Mexico

He national wine sector pAnnually, it produces almost 36 million liters of drink and uses about 73 thousand tons of industrial grapes.

In addition, the industry creates more than 500 thousand jobs, making it the second source of employment in the Mexican agricultural sector.

Eight thousand 431 hectares are intended production of wine and other industrial productswith more than 50 varieties in production.

82 registered varieties are entered in the National Catalog of Plant Varieties of the State Service for Seed Inspection and Certification (SNICS).

Data from Government of Mexico indicate that due to the quality of production of industrial grapes produced by Mexico, the production of this drink is 4 million cases per year.

In a way that manages to position itself in the taste of consumers, since 3 out of every 10 bottles of wine consumed in the country are from Mexican wine.

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Data sheet

Lancellotta grape variety

Type of wine Red

Presentation 750 milliliters

Bubble type frizzante

Alcohol percentage 8%

Origin Emilia Romagna, typical indication of geographical origin (TGT)

The country of Italy

The ideal temperature is 8º to 10º

Classic family

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