Givaudan identifies the bitter taste receptor Reb-A

The company already sells solutions for sweetness linked to stevia.

Givaudan has identified and developed patents related to its discovery of the bitter note receptor that causes Rebaudioside-A (also known as Reb-A), a new “high-intensity natural sweetener” derived from stevia that was recently approved by the US FDA ( United States Food and Drug Administration). By understanding how Reb-A activates bitterness in the mouth, Givaudan was able to discover and develop ingredients that specifically block this mechanism in flavors.

Food and beverage companies are currently facing significant problems due to non-payment and their persistence in using Reb-A. Concealing them while improving the flavor profile is critical to the successful development of sweetened foods and beverages containing Reb-A.

“The combination of our TasteSolutions™ masking and highlighting technologies puts Givaudan at the forefront of the industry, enabling our customers to solve these manufacturing challenges for their products,” said Mike Size, the company’s global head of beverages. Givaudan has gained experience that allows it to offer natural camouflage solutions that work in a wide range of applications.

dr. Bob Eilerman, head of science and technology at Givaudan Sabores, notes that “…the area of ​​new product development in food and beverage companies will benefit from this major advance in ingredient technology which, compared to what has been possible before, significantly improves the taste of products sweetened with Reb-A. “These unique materials are incorporated into flavors specifically designed for Reb-A sweetened products.” The use of Givaudan’s taste masking technology improves the overall effectiveness of the sweetener while reducing or eliminating inherent sensory deficiencies.

Givaudan identifies and patents knowledge of the bitter taste Reb-A/2 receptor

Givaudan leveraged advances in taste research, sensory science and receptor-driven ingredient discovery to address the bitterness problem associated with Reb-A. A screening of a diverse chemical library resulted in a series of more than twenty new, better-tasting compounds effective against the bitterness of Reb-A. Over the past two years, Givaudan has received regulatory approval for six natural flavor enhancers in intensive sweeteners.

In addition to researching the basic ingredients, Givaudan has developed, through an expert group of people with a high sensitivity to the unpleasant notes of Reb-A, a comprehensive sensory understanding of the requirements necessary to block the bitter taste in a range of high-intensity sweeteners. This is essential for the program of development and testing of protected ingredients that Givaudan continuously implements.

The company has already achieved several commercial successes with natural masking ingredients, including for Reb-A, and has achieved double-digit volume growth in its portfolio of sweetness-enhancing and bitterness-masking ingredients.

Givaudan clients have successfully launched soft drinks, iced teas, flavored waters, juices, energy drinks and sports drinks using this new technology. “Our next-generation sweetness solutions are designed to give our customers an edge in the performance of their food and beverages. This is supported by our continued investment in specific solutions to enhance the sensation of sweetness and mask that of bitterness,” says Mike Size.

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