Global Closure Systems in relaunching Vixol

GCS’s easy-to-use fasteners will help the Thai brand increase sales and fight piracy

IP Manufacturing, a consumer goods manufacturer in Thailand, has selected Global Closure Systems (GCS) to develop a new distribution solution for the Vixol range of cleaning products.

GCS has designed a quick-open lid that ensures product integrity through a tamper-proof cutting strip. Likewise, it is easily removed by pulling the handle outwards when opening the product for the first time, and its removal will be clearly visible to the consumer at the point of purchase.

The new cap, which replaces the previous two-piece cap with a rubber stopper that had to be pushed down, will prevent bottles from being refilled and resold as genuine.

“IP Manufacturing has had issues with local counterfeits that have damaged its Vixol brand. Our innovative closure was developed to protect brand integrity and reassure consumers that they are buying safe, high-quality and clean products,” said Vatcharapong Ungsrisawasdi, Business Development Director at GCS Thailand.

The easy-to-use zipper can be opened and closed with just one hand. For added convenience, the spout is designed to look like a small shower head and features five micro-holes that offer easy and controlled discharge.

The new cover will be used to relaunch the Vixol brand. Today, the company manufactures a wide range of cleaning and food and beverage products that are exported throughout Southeast Asia.

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