Glowy and “bubbly” of Hard Seltzer

Spain. – Boom for Hard Seltzers has arrived in the Iberian country and with the help of Mahou San Miguel brings his new edition, Great. A proposal based on the natural fermentation of full cane sugar with a hint of flavor.

With this new product, the company becomes the first brewery Spanish in segment betting Seltzer claims which creates a trend on the international scene.

Great It is a fermented, carbonated drink, with a low alcohol content of 5%, refreshing, made from natural ingredients and aromas.

It will be available in several flavors (tangerine and grapefruit, lime and peppermint and cherry) and can now be purchased on Solana, a platform for e-shop Mahou San Miguel and in the coming days, Glowy will also be found on the Food and Hospitality channels, starting, for now, in cities such as Madrid, Salamanca and Valencia.

“Our constant commitment to innovation leads us to face the challenge of leading a new category that is still little known to domestic consumers, but which we are sure will surprise them and respond to their tastes and preferences, which have become more sophisticated in recent years .. ,” says Benet Fité, Director of Quality and Research, Development and Innovation at Maho San Miguel.

Hard Seltzer and trends

Segment of Seltzer claimswhich is seeing great success in countries like the United States, saw a 250% growth in 2019. Nielsen.

According to the consultancy, the food channel is the main source of growth for this new category, but lately sales in hospitality have been strong and the number of adults consuming Hard Seltzers in bars and restaurants increased by 73% between spring and autumn 2019 in this country.

This trend for Seltzer claims is driven by millennials’ fixation on health, wellness and the search for healthier alternatives to soft drinks and beverages. alcoholic beveragesdraws attention to the increasing alcohol content of these drinks, with some brands offering options up to 14% alcohol, which is contrary to the purpose for which they were first consumed.

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