Goat milk producers are looking for markets

The Mexican goat farming sector consists of a herd of eight million animals that produce 40 thousand tons of meat each year.

In the framework of IX. At the National Goat Cheese and Cajeta Fair, international experts agreed that Mexican producers of these products have an opportunity to grow and expand their markets.

The dairy director of Redwood Hill, one of the most important goat milk companies in the United States, Steve Considine, after visiting the goat farms in Guanajuato, said: “I was impressed by how complete, well established and organized the farms are; how well the animals are fed and cared for.”

On the other hand, the international cheese judge, Carlos Yescas, pointed out that the benefit to producers is that Mexican cheese styles do not exist anywhere else in the world and therefore there are niche markets that it could enter, since there is no competition. .

Steve Considine, who is also an American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) accredited judge and has more than six decades in goat farming, noted that both the dairy products he tasted and the National Goat Expo seemed “sensational.”

Both experts recommended that consumers learn more about Mexican artisanal products because they will know how to appreciate good Mexican cheese and know that these are beneficial products for health because they are made from pure milk without additives.

Considine called on producers and authorities to promote the consumption of goat milk products by expanding their properties and tastings. Yescas emphasized that Mexican producers have been improving their cheeses for more than three decades, and now consumers must appreciate that effort.

The Secretariat for Agriculture, Livestock, Social Development, Fisheries and Food (Sagarpa) reported that the Great National Championship of Breeders of Goats was held.

The Mexican goat farming sector consists of a herd of eight million animals that produce 40,000 tons of meat and 162 million liters of milk every year, which are used to make cheeses, sweets and typical dishes such as goat meat and birrija.

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