Gordonne Rosé for the feminine woman

It is a new wine characterized by freshness, delicate and sweet taste, which makes it a glamorous and feminine drink.Mexico.- Women love pink wine, that’s why Château La Gordonne Rosé is presented, whose freshness, delicate and sweet taste make it a glamorous and feminine drink, definitely a product that everyone loves, which is why Château Gordonne Rosé exceptionality to the palate.

The best plots of the La Gordonne vineyard were carefully selected for the production of this wine. The grapes are pressed to extract them aromas preparatory matches. Some grapes are fermented before maceration in order to encourage the extraction of color from the primary aromas.

La Gordote Rosé is delicate, feminine and refreshing, with citrus notes that have the perfect balance to provide a harmonious rosé wine with a delicious and sweet finish. This wine from Provence highlights the femininity of a light but bright pink color and offers delicate but intense aromas of red fruit and grapefruit.

This wine is ideal for enjoying with Mediterranean dishes, fish, meat and cheese; It is also perfect for pairing with spicy and/or spicy foods. It can be found at La European and City Market.

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