Great plant-based hamburguesa de Nestlé

Mexico.- The A phenomenal burger is plant-based burger, non-GMO that offers 22 grams of protein. Among the ingredients that give it a distinctive raw appearance that changes with cooking are:

  • Pea protein
  • Natural plant extracts
  • Coconut oil

Chefs from Nestlé Professional They developed Awesome Burger’s vegan beef to create a custom flavor that offers the palate the feel of beef, but comes from plant-based sources.

Awesome Burger is a practical solution because it is designed specifically for out-of-home operations that are interested in hamburger or plant-based meat alternatives that allow them to meet the demand of customers who opt for this diet when choosing a meal at their favorite place.

This new product offers both operational efficiency and incredible taste and juiciness in every bite. Lasts seven times longer than animal protein when refrigerated and twice as long when frozen; In addition, almost 70% of the loss is reduced compared to animal proteins.

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Consumption of products of plant origin

Meat and animal proteins are big business. The global market grew from 11 billion in 2019 and is predicted to grow to 27 billion by 2025, according to the statistics portal Statesman. In Mexico, the number of plant-based product launches has increased by +26% in the last 5 years.

Mexico is one of the markets with the highest number of people who say they follow a flexitarian diet. Global data It is estimated that from 2020 it will increase by 37% in Mexico, representing about 308 Mio (genetically modified organisms) in prepackaged plant-based burgers or meat.

Currently, the trend of consuming plant-based products has grown in our country, where 1 in 3 Mexicans avoids or reduces meat consumption, either for health reasons, due to awareness of environmental care, ethics and animal welfare. , or by the religion that requires it.

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