Guatemala, the country that recycles the most glass in the region

Guatemala is the country that recycles the most glass in Central America, while Nicaragua is the country that does the least, reported today the Central American Glass Group (Vical), which is dedicated to this activity in the region.
Vical’s corporate coordinator for recycling in Central America and the Caribbean, Alexander Mata, told Acan-Efe that of the 39,081 metric tons of glass recycled annually in the region, 38.6% comes from Guatemala, the leader, and 6.3% from Nicaragua.
Guatemala recycles 15,084 metric tons of glass annually, followed by Costa Rica with 11,110 metric tons, Panama 4,203, El Salvador 3,195, Honduras 3,042 and Nicaragua 2,457, according to data from the regional group whose headquarters are in the capital of Guatemala.
Mata explained that the amount of recycled glass is the result of several factors, among which he mentioned the number of inhabitants in each country and, mainly, the number of industrial recycling plants.
Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama each have one glass recycling plant, while El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua do not, according to the Vical group.
The president of the Nicaraguan Network of Recyclers, David Narváez, told Acan-Efe that glass is little recycled in this country, moreover, because the two existing customers pay $0.40 per quintal (100 kilograms), less than you pay for other recyclable products. to recycle.
Likewise, Vical’s corporate recycling coordinator in the region claims that the availability of glass for recycling in Nicaragua is below its potential, in part because there are companies that refill manufactured glass containers, even though they are single-use.
The general director of that group, Carlos Quintero, explained that disposable glass bottles, if used multiple times, can break at any time because they are not designed to be refilled.

Source: La Tribuna

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