Harmony and health with Zona Cero

It is a beverage based on celery, chayote, tuna, chia and reed extracts, without added sugar and of natural origin.Mexico.- The current lifestyle and trends in nutrition have caused increasing attention to products that are in line with a healthy lifestyle, which is why ZONA CERO, a brand focused on drinks and food without sugar, without calories, made from fruits, vegetables and plants, which preserves the natural properties of its ingredients, providing well-being and health to the body.

“Zero Zone, more than healthy natural products, we intend it to be a lifestyle, in which we achieve balance with the world around us, always starting with taking care of our inner self, our health.” Commented Paty García, Brand Manager.

Initially, ZONA CERO will bring extract-based drinks to the market, with ingredients such as celery and chayote, cane, tuna and chia; as well as Honey 100% natural and monofloral bee: orange blossom, mesquite and acahual, as well as butter type honey. All of these are innovative products that want to contribute to human health.

As part of the ZONE CERO plans, in the second phase, it is intended to market more products that are already under development.

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