Healthy digestive system, disease prevention

A big part of our health digestive system depends on a delicate balance between bacteria beneficial and potentially pathogenic. The first, “good bacteria”, help in the proper digestion of food, maintaining a balanced pH, acting as a barrier against the proliferation of pathogens.

70% of immune cells They are found in the intestines. Although a digestive system healthy is key to guaranteeing good health, it has been shown that it can also be of great help in reducing the risk of infection or contributing to protection against disease.

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So for maintenance microbiota (gut flora) in its natural balance and ensure its well-being so that it offers great benefits and avoids temporary or even chronic discomfort.

Microbiota in gut health

He microbiota It includes all those living microorganisms (bacteria, archaea, eucharia, among others) that live in the body and provide metabolites, nutrients, and immune stimulants that promote intestinal and organ health. The loss of this biodiversity is associated with various gastrointestinal health problems and extendable to human health problems.

Human microbiota It occurs in the first stage of life: the fetus in the womb is sterile and exposure to microorganisms begins at the moment of birth, i.e. by passing through the birth canal or by exposure to microbes present in the environment. Babies born by caesarean section have a intestinal microbiota different.

How to preserve it?

To take care of all those beneficial bacteria gut healthexperts on this topic recommend following a healthy diet, avoiding or reducing the intake of harmful foods such as sugar, processed food, alcohol or stimulant drinks.

Bad probiotics They are living organisms or ‘good’ bacteria present in those foods or supplements that help maintain a good condition of the intestinal flora, prevent the growth of potentially pathological bacteria and favor beneficial bacteria in the intestines. intestinal microbiota preventing gastrointestinal problems.

Likewise, technology has enabled the inclusion of probiotics in the design of new ones groceriestherefore, special attention is paid to the survival of the strains in the products to ensure their sustainability and thus their effectiveness.

In this way, experts from BASF Nutrition Divisiona company specialized in the development of nutritional solutions, has developed PREBILAC 2′ FL, an ingredient obtained by fermentation, identical to one of the oligosaccharides found in breast milk (HMO), which provides benefits, making it a source of specific foods for beneficial bacteria that strengthen gut health.

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