Heineken launches drinks and debuts in new categories

Heineken Mexico aims to become a multi-category company and, as part of these efforts, to be placed on the market Pure Piranha and solar energydrinks with which it enters the segments hard seltzer that is, energizers.

What sets Solar Power apart is that it doesn’t contain taurine like others energy drinks From the market. It is made from natural ingredients such as guarana, ginseng and green tea, without alcohol, with a low content of sugar and caffeine of natural origin, and vitamins C and D.

This formulation is exclusive to the Mexican market, since the other country where it is sold is Russia, where it is a traditional energy drink, explained Fernando Ortíz, innovation director of Heineken Mexico, at a press conference.

Ortiz added that Solar Power contains only one tablespoon of sugar, 5.6 grams of added sugar per container, which is less than 30 calories per container. This formula is presented in the middle of coming into effect front labeling from food and soft drinks.

According to Nielsen, in the last four years, the country’s energy drink segment has seen a 40 percent increase, with a market value of 7.2 billion pesos.

Likewise, data from Euromonitor International They put the Vive 100 as the leader in the segment, with 59.3% in volume and 36.5% in value. For its part, Red Bull has a 6.9% share in 2019 and, in value, 13.5%; while Monster Energy has 22.8% volume and 32.9% value.

Entering the hard seltzer segment

The brewery category debuted on the Mexican market hard seltzer – carbonated water drinks, alcohol and fruit flavors Pure Piranha.

Pura Piraña is available in grapefruit, red fruit and peach flavors. It has 4.5 degrees of alcohol, contains 2 grams of carbohydrates and 99 calories. “We see that this consumption of low-calorie drinks is in trend with the increase of healthier products. Those drinks accelerated the growth and that’s why we started this project,” said Fernando Ortiz during the presentation.

Drink from Heineken Mexico It comes a few days after BASIC, a hard seltzer that the Joseph Roberts Group has been selling in 7 Eleven stores since September 15 in 355 milliliters. This drink also contains 4.5 degrees of alcohol and is low in calories.

The manager added that Pura Piraña gives the company an opportunity to strengthen its presence in flavored alcoholic beverages through the development of subcategories, in this case hard seltzer.

Both drinks will be produced at the company’s plant in Guadalajara and are available in cans with a suggested retail price of 30 pesos.

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