Heineken presented its new bottle

Fine curves in the neck and a relief on the back were introduced.

Heineken redesigned its bottle but kept its symbolic color. Developed by a multidisciplinary team that worked for more than two years to perfect the design, the new Heineken bottle stands out for its inclusion of sensory elements. How is that?

Fine curves on the neck and a relief on the back that replicates the brand’s logo, like a seal, have been introduced. Both details make it possible to hold the bottle better and in such a way that its contents stay cooler for longer. They also changed the labels, which became transparent, something unique on domestic shelves, and they also contain a small historical summary and give the perfect finish to the design.

In addition to bottles, Heineken cans and glasses have also been updated. Embossing and tactile ink have been added to the first, which offer a better sense of grip. In the case of glass cups, a relief curve is added on the side, to provide a more comfortable feeling when holding and to preserve the cold temperature of the beer.

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