Helados Moyo refreshes the market with its new products

Mexico. Moyo ice cream presents an innovative selection of products that will surprise its consumers as new ways of enjoying their favorite moyos.

These are Macarons, Panino and Croissant that can be combined with a cult low-fat recipe originating from Bulgaria. With three drinks with the taste of mojito, pina colada and raspberry lemonade.

In that sense, brand of ice cream He always wants to impress and make your moments the most special.

Therefore, they innovated their menu in unconventional ways. For those who were blown away by the recent Moyo smoothie, these new options are guaranteed to earn a place in your heart as well.

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New tastes and new experiences

Among the innovations of the brand, the macaron stands out, which can now be enjoyed as a topping in the desired Helados Moyo flavor.

He macaroon It is a cookie of French origin characterized by a slight crunch. It is made from almond flour, egg whites and creamy filling. It’s a delicious mix of textures and flavors that will transport you to the sparkling streets of Paris.

Another indispensable point in French cakes is croissant. Moyo was inspired by this iconic bread to simulate the cone that holds his delicious ice cream.

Additionally, as a finishing touch, each consumer will be able to personalize it with different toppings to create a social media-worthy masterpiece.

He a sandwich is for those who want to try something quite unusual: hot bread with Moyo ice cream filling. Hot-cold fusion will allow you to fully enjoy a new way of eating ice cream.

Mojito is a harmony between freshly cut mint and the sparkling acidity of lime. Photo: Moyo Ice Cream

A refreshing option like the brand’s ice cream

with new drinksMoyo wants to take consumers on a sensory journey through a mix of exotic flavors.

He mojito It’s a harmony between freshly cut mint and the sparkling acidity of lime. The Pina Colada It’s like a tropical hug with the sweetness of pineapple, coconut concentrate, the juiciness of strawberries and a touch of Moyo yogurt.

And finally, for those who love intense flavorsyou can’t miss the raspberry lemonade, which mixes freshly squeezed lemon with the sweetness of raspberries.

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