Hennessy XO improves on its limited edition

The release of the cult Hennessy XO bottle, a creation of designer Marc Newson, which now stands out in golden color, is coming.

Mexico.- For this year’s edition, Marc Newson used a subtle gold color with hints of pink, creating a harmonious set of light, design and assembly. The result is a dynamic, simplified variation of the iconic bokan shape that breaks with convention and gives it a completely unexpected twist. Distinctive like a piece of modern architecture, the design with new gold-colored elements highlights the blend of the interior, originally created in 1870.

After Marc Newson reduced the shape of the bottle to its purest form, the designer decided to repeat the traditional decorative motifs – grapes and leaves – in wavy relief. These stripes are perhaps the boldest design elements ever incorporated into the iconic Hennessy XO bottle.

To reinforce the modern spirit of the new Hennessy XO bottle, Marc Newson and Hennessy went beyond the usual boundaries of bottle design to create a modern gift presentation.

To dramatize the fusion of compound and glass, Marc Newson designed a transparent injection-molded plastic gift packaging, which required high-end manufacturing. The design of the outer packaging perfectly conveys the spirit of the future of Hennessy XO, but its simplicity seems to belie the technical challenge it presents. Its clear, ergonomic shape is made of complex plastic, which is most often used for perfume bottles.

The Hennessy Tasting Committee analyzed the taste odyssey of Hennessy XO in seven separate chapters that seamlessly flow into each other. While these perceptions vary according to each person’s palate, understanding, and life experience, the chapters typically proceed as follows:

Sweet notes: Candied fruit flavors embrace the palate, as the mild sweetness of orange blends with the subtle acidity of apricot.

Rising heat: Warm fruity flavors lead to a sense of rising heat, slowly revealing the complex flavor of the patiently aged water of life.

Spicy Edge: A strong spicy note reaches the palace with spicy undertones. Liquid Flame: A wave of heat breaks into a huge roundness. Robust and voluptuous.

Chocolate: the familiar, balanced taste of rich dark chocolate hits the palate with silky smoothness and mild sweetness.

Woody Crackles: The surprising sensation of oak notes intertwined with vanilla makes you sit up and then collapse.

Endless reverberation: oak notes that leave a long, pervasive finish, reflecting the subtleties of each flavor and the complexity of Hennessy XO’s aging process

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